EMA Outreach Programs

One of our main functions as the Columbia County Emergency Management Agency is to educate the community concerning hazards. We are always looking for opportunities and forums to provide the public with information needed to make informed decisions on a variety of safety and emergency preparedness topics.

Links on the left lead to brochures, fliers, and resources you may save, print, and share. Expect to be asked whether you'd like to OPEN or SAVE the file, which should open in a new window or tab.

Organized groups are always welcome and are encouraged to call and make arrangements to tour our emergency operations center. We have also been known to take our show on the road, with visits to schools, senior centers, health fairs as well as social and business club meetings. If you would like us to address your group, assembly, or organization give us a call.

Our EMA personnel areĀ  available to talk about:
~emergency preparedness
~emergency response
~hazard mitigation
~recovery from disaster
~other topics as requested.

Our resiliency personnel are available to speak about:
~flood insurance
~the Biggert Watters Act
~the Susquehanna River Basin flood mapping
~MS4 (Municipal Separated Storm Sewer Systems)
~they also have a presentation of the new flood control systems.

Using the information on our Contact Us page, please let us know how else we might assist you. Columbia County EMA believesĀ "Informed people make better decisions."