Columbia County Hazard Mitigation Plan

Columbia County EMA has completed the 2017 county hazard mitigation plan update.  You will find information about the plan on this page.


  • Our current plan was updated in 2017.
  • It will expire in 2022.
  • To view the 2017 Columbia County Hazard Mitigation Plan Update, click here.
  • The Columbia County Hazard Mitigation Plan has received approval from FEMA. The plan was adopted by Columbia County Commissioners on January 19, 2017. The majority of municipalities in Columbia County have  adopted the plan at this time.


The 2017 Columbia County Hazard Mitigation Plan Update is now complete. To get to this point we have assessed our capabilities (Capability Assessment Survey Results) and completed a risk assessment . The risk assessment included: identifying hazards, profiling hazards, and assessing vulnerability (Evaluation of Identified Hazards and Risks Results) . Next, we started work on the mitigation strategy. This process included: Evaluating existing hazard mitigation goals, objectives, and action plans, Updating mitigation goals and objectives, Evaluating mitigation techniques (Hazard Mitigation Techniques and Ideas) for profiled hazards, and Developing the Mitigation Action Plan.

Next Steps:

We have received approval from FEMA. The updated plan and municipal adoption templates have been forwarded to all municipalities so they may formally adopt the plan at their next public meeting.

Contact Information:

If you have questions about the hazard mitigation plan update you may send an email to Phil Yoder at , or you may call (570)389-5734.

Forms & Surveys Archive:

HM Plan Updates:

The 2017 Columbia County Hazard Mitigation Plan Update can be downloaded in PDF format using this link: 2017 Columbia County HMP Update. It also can be viewed on-line using that link. The plan doesn't include the appendices due to the size of the document and sensitive nature of some of the information. If you require the full copy of the 2017 update, including the appendices, please contact Phil Yoder at 570-389-5734 or

Meeting Minutes: